Our Services

Our Services

008Nash Janitorial offers general and specialty cleaning services and building maintenance for many different kinds of facilities and office buildings. We have the workforce, equipment and expertise to clean any building to the highest standards so that our clients’ workplaces always look their best. We keep current on industry news and practices to ensure that we always provide our clients with high quality products, cost effective services and the highest standard of cleaning performance. Below is a description of the cleaning and building maintenance that we currently provide for our clients:

General Cleaning

General Cleaning involves the full range of housekeeping tasks: dusting & wiping, bathrooms, kitchens, trash disposal, recycling, vacuuming, mopping and all tasks involved in commercial housekeeping. We do not cut corners when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your building. Our quality control program and our ratio of one supervisor to every four employees ensures that you get the most consistent quality cleaning possible, year after year. The last thing our clients should have to worry about is the cleanliness of their buildings. That is our job.

Medical and Surgery Cleaning

We have extensive experience cleaning sterile work settings and areas where there is exposure to bloodborne pathogens and disposal of biohazards. All employees who work in medical settings are trained to follow CDC recommendations for universal precautions, and we have an Exposure Control Plan in place to eliminate or minimize exposure to our employees. Clinics and surgery centers require special attention to detail.  Sometimes special requirements are made in regards to cleaning methods, equipment, floor care, and the use of disinfectants.  It is important that a cleaning company is knowledgeable and adaptable to these special requirements.


Regular periodic cleaning is essential to the appearance and long life of a carpet. As a special value to our regular clients, we 101_3115charge only 17 cents per square foot. The national average is 19 cents. We are very happy to be working with Jeff Johnson of Total Home Carpet Care and Tile Restoration. Jeff’s experience and expertise allows us to provide our clients with the best carpet care services available. We offer our clients a comprehensive carpet care program which also includes the encapsulation method.   Check out  www.excellent-supply.com for information on this advanced cleaning method.  Jeff also does hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, rotory scrubbing, pile lifting, spot removal, and upholstery. We highly recommend Jeff for your residential cleaning needs as well as ceramic tile and grout cleaning. Jeff is certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute and has outstanding references. We are continually impressed with the quality of his work and his ability to transform carpets.  To find out more about Jeff’s services for your residential needs, go to www.totalhomecarpetcare.com

Vinyl Floor Care

We do exceptional stripping & refinishing work, and we provide regular polishing services to many of our clients. We use Pioneer Ec005lipse floor care products which provide the ultimate in protection, gloss and appearance for a longer lasting shine and greater durability.
Pioneer Eclipse EnvironStar Green FloorCare System is an excellent option for clients who are trying to meet greener standards in their facilities.  Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly polishing, we will carry out a regular polishing schedule to keep your floors glistening and reduce the need for more frequent and costly refinishing work.


We offer very reasonable window cleaning services for our clients. We also do specialty window cleaning with only a few exceptions. As with all our services, you will never have to remind us when it is time to do any extras. We always do the extra jobs on schedule, on time, and at your convenience.001

Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing for the exterior of buildings and walkways.  Moss, animal deposits, dirt and other oily residue can make walkways slippery when it rains.  A periodic cleaning of walkways and entrances is often a good idea to keep these areas safer for employees and customers.  Keeping the exterior of buildings clean and removing cobwebs and debris under the eaves keeps a business looking professional and inviting. A clean exterior walkway also keeps the interior environment cleaner by keeping employees and customers from tracking in dirt and grit that can soil carpets and wear down vinyl surfaces and hardwood floors.

Extra Services

Nash Janitorial provides a variety of extra services in addition to janitorial. Why go to the extra expense and trouble of doing odd jobs yourself or hiring another company to do extra tasks and building maintenance when we can do the job for you. We clean exterior buildings and walkways, purchase and deliver supplies, change hard to reach light bulbs and fluorescents, install shelves and dispensers, and we can do a variety of handyman repairs at substantial savings and convenience to our clients.