Odor Control in Restrooms

The most effective method for killing odor causing bacteria or mold & mildew in restrooms is to regularly clean with a disinfectant over all surfaces. This is especially important in and around toilets, stalls, sinks & counters, waste baskets, showers and floors.

Urine is the primary source of unpleasant odors in restrooms, so toilet areas and urinals should be given extra attention.

If bleach is used to disinfect, dilute 1 cup of bleach to one gallon of water. Spray surfaces and allow several minutes of contact time before wiping dry. Do not use bleach on painted walls. Hydrogen peroxide based cleaners are also very effective odor eaters and are considered environmentally preferable to bleach and other harsher disinfectants.

The most illusive odors often come from floor drains. Bleach is highly effective here as well. Pour a half cup bleach to half cup of water down the drain as needed. Waste baskets can be the origin of foul odors when food or liquids are not removed completely. The entire container should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

If cleaning tools and supplies are stored in the restroom, they may be the source of the odor problem. Keep all tools and products neat and sanitized, especially the mop and bucket. Soaking the mop in a bleach solution of a half cup bleach to one gallon of water as needed should keep the mop fresh and clean and help prevent the spread of bacteria into other rooms. If bleaching doesn’t help remove the odor it’s time to get rid of the mop and replace it with a new one.

Make sure that the air handling system is in good working order and cleaned regularly so that the air is circulating adequately through the restroom.

Keep bathrooms dry. Leaky plumbing around toilets and under sinks cause moisture problems that encourage bacteria, mold & mildew to grow.

For transient odors, air fresheners work well, and good ceiling fans also do wonders to remove unpleasant smells from restrooms.

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